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5 Ways to Grow Lashes – Bad habits that are done every day often make lashes fall out easily. Starting from using make-up carelessly, then being lazy to clean it when you are done with your activities, to the habit of rubbing your eyes hard until your lashes are pulled out. This unconscious bad habit then makes the eyelashes brittle, and fatally again becomes bald. Well, if you have this then the best way is to immediately apply the emergency mode, to deal with lashes that fall out. How to? Let’s take a look at the discussion about how to grow lashes from us below.

5 Ways to Grow lashes

Eyelash loss should never be underestimated. Because it will be fatal, like irritation to the eyes to baldness in the long term. The following are tips for growing lashes that you can try to deal with complaints of lash loss. Visit eyelashes manufacturer indonesia for more information.

  1. Use eyelash serum

Well, this is one of the treatments that until now is considered the key to complaints of eyelash loss. Eyelash serum generally contains active compounds, which function to provide gentle stimulation to the eye area. Its use is recommended to the base, so that it can be absorbed up to the root area. Painstaking use of eyelash serum is proven to reduce lash loss, avoid dull color, restore lashes health so they don’t break easily, and certainly stimulate the shape of lashes to look long and thick. You can get in PT.Sung Shim International.

  1. Routinely use olive oil

The beauty benefits of olive oil have often been discussed. However, did you know that it turns out that this one oil also plays an important role in the process of growing eyelashes? Olive oil is well known for its essential oil and antioxidant properties. This content is effective in maintaining the fertility of the eyelash ficles, as well as protecting them from exposure to free radicals. Essential oils also play an active role in accelerating the rate of hair growth. The best way to use it is with a spoolie, and routinely every day. Should be used at night before bed, to avoid sticking dust to the oil in the eyelashes.

  1. Apply petroleum jelly

The content in petroleum jelly is known to be good for hydrating lashes. When the moisture in your lashes is balanced, the hair loss will be easier to treat. Petroleum jelly is also known for its properties to nourish hair follicles, including in the case of bald lashes. You can apply it in two ways. First, before using mascara. This is to protect the lashes from the chemicals, so they are easy to clean. The second, is used before bed every night on a regular basis.

  1. Vitamin E

One vitamin content that is often favored for accelerating hair growth is Vitamin E. It turns out that the formula in it is proven to be rich in antioxidants, which can slow down the loss of eyelashes. And if used regularly, it can stop it permanently. Vitamin E is also known to play a role in stimulating the root of the eyelashes, so that it can grow relatively quickly.

  1. Consistently use shea butter

How to grow lashes that is also known to work is shea butter. The content of vitamin E and vitamin A in it can provide good benefits for hair, including eyelashes. Shea butter is not only able to help with eyelash loss, but also for the problem of coarse lashes, and they can break easily. The key is to be patient in using it

Those are 5 ways to grow lashes that you can try to deal with complaints of eyelash loss. Don’t forget, besides regularly using treatments, you also have to avoid bad habits that are detrimental to your lashes.